BOINC: Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

How to get it work without a GUI…


  1. Install BOINC:
    pacman -S boinc-nox
  2. Register on a selected project site.
  3. Get into the boinc working directory:
    cd /var/lib/boinc/
  4. Start the boinc service:
    systemctl start boinc
  5. Get the account weak key, project URL and execute:
    boinccmd --project_attach PROJECT_URL WEAK_KEY

    for each of the selected projects.

  6. Running:
    boinccmd --get_state

    should provide computation statistics.


  1. Install BOINC:
    emerge sci-misc/boinc
  2. Register on a selected project site.
  3. As an exmaple, the SETI@home project was selected.
    • Open the Account keys page.
    • Copy your account key or weak account key.
    • Execute the following command to start the BOINC daemon in the background:
      /etc/init.d/boinc start
    • Once running, attach the selected project URL and the above copied account key. The result may look like:
      /etc/init.d/boinc attach
       * If you cant find your account key just try to obtain it by using:
       *     boinccmd --passwd PASSWORD_FROM_GUI_RPC_AUTH --lookup_account URL EMAIL PASSWORD
          Enter the Project URL:
          Enter your Account Key: 81c5968ce279090b7546661a2bd5e48a
       * boinc: Attaching to project ...
  4. NOTICE: If you change your password, your weak account key changes, and your previous weak account key becomes invalid.
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