VPS: WEDOS Disk with TrueCrypt Support

A step by step manual, how to setup the TrueCrypt container for remote storage backup (Wedos Disk).

TrueCrypt Setup

For the TrueCrypt installation, please, refer to the TrueCrypt setup.


Edit the /etc/fstab file and add:

//1591.s91.wedos.net/s1591 /mnt/wedosdisk cifs cred=/root/secret.cfg,_netdev,nounix,noperm 0 0

to mount the Wedos Disk using cifs (samba). Then create the /root/secret.cfg file and insert:


Now mount the Wedos disk using:

mount /mnt/wedosdisk

Create a TrueCrypt Volume Using a Wizard

Create the encrypted volume:

truecrypt -t -c
Volume type:
 1) Normal
 2) Hidden
Select [1]: 1

Enter volume path: /mnt/wedosdisk/backup.tc

Enter volume size (sizeK/size[M]/sizeG): 4500[M]

Encryption algorithm:
 1) AES
 2) Serpent
 3) Twofish
 4) AES-Twofish
 5) AES-Twofish-Serpent
 6) Serpent-AES
 7) Serpent-Twofish-AES
 8) Twofish-Serpent
Select [1]: 

Hash algorithm:
 1) RIPEMD-160
 2) SHA-512
 3) Whirlpool
Select [1]: 

 1) None
 2) FAT
 3) Linux Ext2
 4) Linux Ext3
 5) Linux Ext4
Select [2]: 4

Enter password: 
Re-enter password: 

Enter keyfile path [none]: 

Please type at least 320 randomly chosen characters and then press Enter:

Done: 100.000%  Speed:  8.9 MB/s  Left: 0 s               

The TrueCrypt volume has been successfully created.

Create a TrueCrypt Volume Using a Single Command

truecrypt --volume-type=normal --filesystem=ext3 --size=4500000000 --encryption=AES 
--hash=RIPEMD-160 --keyfiles="" --create /mnt/wedosdisk/backup.tc

TrueCrypt Mount Point (Virtual Disk)

Create a new directory to mount the TrueCrypt file container into:

mkdir /mnt/backup

And mount it:

truecrypt /mnt/wedosdisk/backup.tc /mnt/backup --filesystem=none

Check the details of the currently mounted TrueCrypt container(s), use the following command:

truecrypt -l -v

The result will look like:

Slot: 1
Volume: /mnt/wedosdisk/backup.tc
Virtual Device: /dev/mapper/truecrypt1
Mount Directory: /mnt/backup
Size: 4.2 GB
Type: Normal
Read-Only: No
Hidden Volume Protected: No
Encryption Algorithm: AES
Primary Key Size: 256 bits
Secondary Key Size (XTS Mode): 256 bits
Block Size: 128 bits
Mode of Operation: XTS
Volume Format Version: 2
Embedded Backup Header: Yes

Based on the Virtual Device: dev-point, we will create the specific filesystem (Option 4 = EXT3) in the container using:

mkfs.ext3 /dev/mapper/truecrypt1

Once done (takes a while according to the specified container size), deattach the volume container

truecrypt -d /mnt/wedosdisk/backup.tc

And reconnect again using the EXT3 filesystem specification:

truecrypt /mnt/wedosdisk/backup.tc /mnt/backup --filesystem=ext3

Once the TrueCrypt partition is unmounted, the encrypted container backup.tc remains securely saved:

truecrypt -d /mnt/wedosdisk/backup.tc

TrueCrypt on Gentoo

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