Linux: TrueCrypt Setup

A step by step manual, how to prepare a linux machine (Gentoo) for a TrueCrypt setup.

TrueCrypt on Gentoo

Linux Kernel Configuration: Device Mapper
Device Drivers ---> 
  [*] Block Devices --->
     Loopback device support
  [*] Multiple devices driver support (RAID and LVM) --->
     Device mapper support
       Crypt target support
File systems --->
   FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) support
[*] Cryptographic API --->
   RIPEMD-160 digest algorithm 
   SHA384 and SHA512 digest algorithms
   Whirlpool digest algorithms
   AES cipher algorithms
   Serpent cipher algorithm
   Twofish cipher algorithm

Add the following into /etc/portage/package.keywords

app-crypt/truecrypt ~amd64

Emerge TrueCrypt while stick to the instructions provided (download the source code from the provided truecrypt URL).

emerge -av truecrypt

TrueCrypt Known Bug

The bug requiring the truecrypt-pkcs11.h.bz2 file is described here and the file can be downloaded on the same page.

Samba on Gentoo

Compile the kernel accordingly

File systems  --->
  Network File Systems  --->
     CIFS support

and install the SAMBA support

emerge -av net-fs/samba
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