Firefox: Closing Multiple Tabs Warning

Sometimes, esp. when using the keyboard shortcuts in Firefox, the <CTRL>+W sequence to close a single tab can be easily replaced by another useful shotcut, which is <CTRL>+Q. When not using the History feature (from several paranoic reasons), the consequence of such action may results into a real disaster…

The following help provides a brief manual, how to setup up Firefox to prevent to close itself while having multiple tabs open, and to ask the user whether he/she wants to really close all of the open tabs.

Here we go:

  • Open: new Tab/Page
  • Insert: about:config
  • Promise: you will be careful
  • Search for: browser.showQuitWarning
  • Set value: true
  • Make sure, the other browser.tabs.* values, are set to true as well.

Note: The above described setup does not work when the Privacy mode is set to anonymous.
That’s it šŸ™‚

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