Linux: RAM Speed, Type and Other BIOS Info

To get detail about you mainboard, RAM, slots voltage, and other BIOS info, download the following utility…


Download the sys-apps/dmidecode utility.


BIOS info:

dmidecode --type bios

RAM details:

dmidecode --type memory

Processor type and features:

dmidecode --type processor

Mainboard details:

dmidecode --type baseboard

And others:

dmidecode --type system
dmidecode --type slot
dmidecode --type chassis
dmidecode --type cache
dmidecode --type connector

Advanced Usage

To determine, which PCI/PCI-E/AGP slots are free (available) or used (in use):

dmidecode -t 9 | grep -E "DMI type"|Usage|Type


Or you ca download the sys-apps/lshw utility.


lshw -C memory
lshw -short -C memory
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