Linux: Nessus in Archlinux

A short manual to install Nessus software in Archlinux…

Download Nessus

Download Nessus Home from Nessus pages


Extract RPM using Nessus-5.2.7-fc16.x86_64.rpm

and copy the extracted directories and files into the filesystem…

Post-installation setup

Create an SSL certificate for the Nessus web interface using


Register your email and wait for your key to be emailed to you, and download all plugins from the feed using

/opt/nessus/bin/nessus-fetch --register 
Your Activation Code has been registered properly - thank you.
Now fetching the newest plugin set from
Your Nessus installation is now up-to-date.
If auto_update is set to 'yes' in nessusd.conf, Nessus will
update the plugins by itself.

Create a Nessus admin user (unrelated to Unix-style users) using



Start the service using

systemctl start nessusd.service

and access Nessus via the web interface at https://localhost:8834 and/or use the commandline interface



rm -r /opt/nessus
rm /lib/systemd/system/nessusd.service


Archlinux pages and my own experience…

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