Blackberry: Experience and Conclusion

Trying to compare it with Apple’s iPhone…

Someone may say, BlackBerry Z30 and Apple iPhone 4S should not be compared, since “designed” for different purposes. Well, I will do it anyway…

What Is Great

BlackBerry does not force me to utilize propriate software in order to fully use my device. I do not need to use the BlackBerry Link software. I do not need the iTunes bloatware anymore. I can upload/download music, photos and other stuff using my SD card, and I have an “unlimited” space for all this stuff, Hallelujah!

The locked screen mechanism works great. Notice, I am not saying that the probabiblity, that someone accidentally guesses the right move/position, is zero, but I do not wish to share my fingerprint data with private subjects anyway.

What Sucks

Obviously, an ideal device does not exist for me yet. The device completely lacks of digital certificates support (S/MIME) to digitally sing or encrypt emails. Maybe, it is related to the “supertrooperhipsterfreecoolin” BlackBerry Hub interface, which mixes each and every event together, i.e. call-related information (incoming/outgoing/missed) with emails with sms messages (outgoing/incoming) with mms messages with linkedin/facebook/twitter messages with status notifications generated by various applications etc.

The native music player does not support displaying lyrics embedded within mp3 files. Thankfully, it supports at least the album covers.

Dear BlackBerry, security is not provided by only talking about it or paying to a third party to “do the security for me” (I mean the BlackBerry Enterprise Server service). And as you can see, “more power and control than ever before” looks different.

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