Urban Terror: Maps Not Downloading from Server

If maps are not automatically downloaded from Urban Terror servers, check the CURL library availability and setup…

Linux-based computer

1) Check for CURL library availability in your system, as it is used to download the maps:

find /usr/lib -name "libcurl*"

If nothing has been found (such as /usr/lib/libcurl.so), you need to install libcurl using the appropriate Linux package manager.

2) Check for cURL setup within UT config file:

grep curl ~/.q3a/q3ut4/q3config.cfg

The path provided (such as seta cl_cURLLib "/usr/lib/libcurl.so") needs to be aligned with the one from the previous step.

MacOS X-based computer

Pretty much the same approach. Naturally, the libcurl path differs…

Solution source for MacOS X.


UT has more than one file/path configuration possibility. Another one can be /opt/urbanterror/q3ut4/autoexec.cfg and a conbination of path (system/user) or file (q3config.cfg/autoexec.cfg) in either of them.

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