Firefox: Ugly Fonts, Ligatures Issues

Not allowing the websites to select their own fonts or selection of inappropriate fonts may cause the websites to look even uglier…


Mozilla Firefox enables users to choose whether to allow websites to use their own font or not. There are various reasons to disallow web sites to use their of fonts.

Privacy Concerns

Let’s start with Google which states: By using our APIs, you agree that Google can use submitted information in accordance with our privacy policies, such as Why the hack should I allow this?!

Obviously, there are many sites sharing various types of fonts and they all do have they “Ts&Cs”. It’s up to everyone to decide for themselves whether it’s worth it.

Technical Concerns

Embedding external web-page sources may lead to various issues (they can load slower than the page itself). Simply put, they are just another 3rd party element which may be complex to troubleshoot or debug etc.

Aesthetic perspective

Generally, people do not like radical changes. Surely, they will get used to in a while, but during that time, some may dislike the web-pages and not return anymore, since new fonts may be subject of one’s aesthetic doubt.

Checking the Setup





And set:

Fonts for: Latin
Proportional: Serif | Size 16
Serif: Liberation Serif
Sans-serif: Liberation Sans
Monospace: Liberation Mono | Size 12
Minimum font size: None

And of course, do NOT select:

Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above

Note: It is assumed that the fonts are installed within the operating system (e.g. ttf-liberation in Arch linux repository).

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