ArchLinux: Possibly missing firmware for module

How to deal with initramfs’s rebuild warnings (after a kernel update) regarding “Possibly missing firmware for module“…

When initramfs are being rebuild after a kernel update, some kernel warnings may appear, e.g.:

==> WARNING: Possibly missing firmware for module: wd719x
==> WARNING: Possibly missing firmware for module: aic94xx

These appear to any Arch Linux users, especially those who have not installed these firmware modules. If you do not use hardware which uses these firmwares you can safely ignore this message.


Search for firmware driver modules in AUR, e.g.:

yaourt -Ss wd719x
yaourt -Ss aic94xx

Install those that were found, e.g.:

yaourt -S wd719x-firmware aic94xx-firmware

Recompile kernel:

mkinitcpio -p linux

No warnings anymore…


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