Krusader: Copy/Move Dialog Not Visible

A few hints how to deal with the neverending issue of Krusader’s “invisible” copy/move dialog window…

Sadly, this issue happens over and over again… The troubleshooting can start as follows:

  1. Check whether dolphin, kdebase-runtime and kuiserver are installed.
  2. Run krusader from a console (command line interface).
  3. If the following error occurs:
    Couldn't start kuiserver from kuiserver.desktop: "Could not find service 'kuiserver.desktop'."
    QDBusObjectPath: invalid path ""

    it is necessary to run kuiserver5 manually. Not sure, why krusader is unable to start it itself.

  4. In XFCE4, open “Settings” -> “Sesstion and Startup”, select “Application Autostart” and click “Add” to add a new application to start (fill all fields with “kuiserver5”), confirm/close everything and log out/log in to the XFCE4. Krusader should display the copy/move progress dialog again.
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