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ArchLinux: Key Could not be Looked up Remotely

Yet another ArchLinux update that resulted into a keyring (KISS) problem. Here is how to deal with it… Advertisements

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OpenBSD: XConsole Window After Start

After an OpenBSD‘s X Display Manager session is started using xenodm, an xconsole window pops up on the login screen and remains attached after logging in. Having no need for it, it became quite irritating. Here is how to deal … Continue reading

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ArchLinux: Manually Downloaded Sources with Yaourt

This is a brief hint of how to install an AUR package that requires to manually download its sources…

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ArchLinux: Palemoon Installation Fails with “Unknown public key error”

Palemoon has been recently adopted by a new developer, who is not part of the official ArchDev team, resulting into an “unknown public key error” and refusing to install. Here is how to deal with it…

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ArchLinux: Veracrypt KISS

After today’s update (2017-06-08), veracrypt cannot be installed “due to unresolvable dependencies“. Yet, another KISS example missing the “simple” part…

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Linux: Megasync Missing Icon

Megasync is an official program to sync files to a Mega account. Sometimes its icon is missing in the notification area…

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ISC2: Confirmation of Termination of Membership

Recently, I have received another “(ISC)2 Annual Maintenance Fee Invoice” e-mail from “International Information System Security Certification Consortium” which subsequently led me to reconsider my membership…

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