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ArchLinux: Firefox Requires Pulseaudio

As of version 52.0, Firefox package does not come with ALSA support anymore in Arch Linux. The hard dependency is (surprisingly) on PulseAudio. It is not for the first time, so this short info is how to deal with it … Continue reading

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Google: Managing IMAP Folders and Labels

Google mail provides by default some very strange folders which I do not find useful (e.g. Important, Chats, All Mail, IMAP/Archive). Moreover, I find poitless to download a single e-mail multiple times, as it was assigned multiple labels by default … Continue reading

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Google: Outdated Content Removal Tool

Visit this link to ask Google to remove an outdated content from the search results list…

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Security: Burp Suite – A Brief Introduction

Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. This is a very short introduction how to start with it…

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Firefox: Ugly Fonts, Ligatures Issues

Not allowing the websites to select their own fonts or selection of inappropriate fonts may cause the websites to look even uglier…

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JavaScript: Online unescape/decodeURIComponent Function

A simple usage of the unescape/decodeURIComponent() “obfuscation” function in JavaScript…

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