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OpenBSD: XConsole Window After Start

After an OpenBSD‘s X Display Manager session is started using xenodm, an xconsole window pops up on the login screen and remains attached after logging in. Having no need for it, it became quite irritating. Here is how to deal … Continue reading

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OpenBSD: RAID1 (Mirror) with Full Disk Encryption

This is a theoretical approach to install OpenBSD server on two physical disks in software RAID1 (mirror) having the logical (root) partition encrypted aka full disk encryption. Unfortunately, this approach is not supported as yet…

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OpenBSD: Destroy a Softraid Partition

Booting an installation CD and trying to remove previously created softraid partition may end up with the following error: disklabel: ioctl DIOCWDINFO: Open partition would move or shrink disklabel: unable to write label Continue to resolve this issue…

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Shell: Difference in Output Forwarding

To remind the difference among: 2>&-, 2>/dev/null, |&, &>/dev/null and >/dev/null 2>&1…

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Security: Burp Suite – A Brief Introduction

Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. This is a very short introduction how to start with it…

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Firefox: Ugly Fonts, Ligatures Issues

Not allowing the websites to select their own fonts or selection of inappropriate fonts may cause the websites to look even uglier…

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FreeBSD: Handling Ports and Binary Packages

FreeBSD has several options how to install software and manage it…

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