ArchLinux: CA Certificates Yet Another KISS Example

Can’t help myself but to post yet another example of a hands-on “KISS” approach in Arch Linux where the “simple” part is missing… Continue reading

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Google: Managing IMAP Folders and Labels

Google mail provides by default some very strange folders which I do not find useful (e.g. Important, Chats, All Mail, IMAP/Archive). Moreover, I find poitless to download a single e-mail multiple times, as it was assigned multiple labels by default and which I do not use. Here’s a short reminder, how to deal with it… Continue reading

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OpenBSD: RAID1 (Mirror) with Full Disk Encryption

This is a theoretical approach to install OpenBSD server on two physical disks in software RAID1 (mirror) having the logical (root) partition encrypted aka full disk encryption. Unfortunately, this approach is not supported as yet… Continue reading

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OpenBSD: Destroy a Softraid Partition

Booting an installation CD and trying to remove previously created softraid partition may end up with the following error:

disklabel: ioctl DIOCWDINFO: Open partition would move or shrink
disklabel: unable to write label

Continue to resolve this issue… Continue reading

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Krusader: Copy/Move Dialog Not Visible

A few hints how to deal with the neverending issue of Krusader’s “invisible” copy/move dialog window… Continue reading

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VoidLinux: Full Disk Encryption

In order to get rid of systemd, one way may seem to be the Void LinuxContinue reading

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