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ArchLinux: Key Could not be Looked up Remotely

Yet another ArchLinux update that resulted into a keyring (KISS) problem. Here is how to deal with it… Advertisements

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ArchLinux: Manually Downloaded Sources with Yaourt

This is a brief hint of how to install an AUR package that requires to manually download its sources…

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ArchLinux: Palemoon Installation Fails with “Unknown public key error”

Palemoon has been recently adopted by a new developer, who is not part of the official ArchDev team, resulting into an “unknown public key error” and refusing to install. Here is how to deal with it…

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ArchLinux: Veracrypt KISS

After today’s update (2017-06-08), veracrypt cannot be installed “due to unresolvable dependencies“. Yet, another KISS example missing the “simple” part…

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ArchLinux: CA Certificates Yet Another KISS Example

Can’t help myself but to post yet another example of a hands-on “KISS” approach in Arch Linux where the “simple” part is missing…

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Krusader: Copy/Move Dialog Not Visible

A few hints how to deal with the neverending issue of Krusader’s “invisible” copy/move dialog window…

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ArchLinux: Possibly missing firmware for module

How to deal with initramfs’s rebuild warnings (after a kernel update) regarding “Possibly missing firmware for module“…

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