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ArchLinux: Palemoon Installation Fails with “Unknown public key error”

Palemoon has been recently adopted by a new developer, who is not part of the official ArchDev team, resulting into an “unknown public key error” and refusing to install. Here is how to deal with it… Advertisements

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Browser: Embedded Video Download

One of many ways, how to find the direct link to an online video…

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SeaMonkey: Fine-Tuning

How to make SeaMonkey to work as an old good Firefox…

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Google: We’re sorry…

How to deal with this issue…

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Firefox: Display Protol Prefix of URLs in the Address Bar

To display back the http/https protocol prefix in address (URL) bar of Mozilla Firefox…

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Linux: Firefox-bin and Thunderbird-bin in KDE

Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox could be compiled from source on specific linux distros. Speaking of Gentoo, the frequent updates combined with more than 2GBs of build space made me switch to the precompiled binary versions. Unfortunately, this step has broken … Continue reading

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Firefox: Closing Multiple Tabs Warning

Sometimes, esp. when using the keyboard shortcuts in Firefox, the <CTRL>+W sequence to close a single tab can be easily replaced by another useful shotcut, which is <CTRL>+Q. When not using the History feature (from several paranoic reasons), the consequence … Continue reading

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