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ISC2: Confirmation of Termination of Membership

Recently, I have received another “(ISC)2 Annual Maintenance Fee Invoice” e-mail from “International Information System Security Certification Consortium” which subsequently led me to reconsider my membership… Advertisements

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ArchLinux: CA Certificates Yet Another KISS Example

Can’t help myself but to post yet another example of a hands-on “KISS” approach in Arch Linux where the “simple” part is missing…

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VoidLinux: Full Disk Encryption

In order to get rid of systemd, one way may seem to be the Void Linux…

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LinkedIn: We’re sorry to see you go

LinkedIn does not interest me anymore and thus, I decided to wave them goodbye…

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Security: Some White-hat-hacking-related Links

Some white-hat-hacking-related links…

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Security: Some Interesting Cryptography-related Links

Some interesting cryptography-related links…

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Security: Burp Suite – A Brief Introduction

Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. This is a very short introduction how to start with it…

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